$48 for one full 60 mins massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue). $78 for 90 mins.

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Massages & Facials Massage Tinley Park (next to Orland Park, Orland Hills).


Signature Massage

The Signature Massage is one of a kind, fusing the Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Relaxation, among others. It helps all around, relaxing stiff muscles to tight joints. 

$48 per 60 min

$78 per 90 min

Swedish Relaxation Massage

The Swedish Relaxation Massage focuses on applying pressure to deeper muscles and bones to help relax them and uses long strokes and rubbing to assist in the process. It can help improve circulation inside the body and flexibility.

$48 per 60 min

$78 per 90 min

Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on realigning muscles and tissue that lie deeper. It is particularly helpful for easing chronic tension in places like the lower back, neck, and shoulders. 

$48 per 60 min

$78 per 90 mi

Couples Massage

The Couples Massage can be shared between you and your significant other or with a close friend or family member. You will be in a room together, experiencing the amazing benefits of a good massage.

$95 per 60 min

$150 per 90 min 

Authentic Professional Thai Massage

The benefits of the stretching to the body include helping loosen joints, improving circulation, relieving the stress and relaxing the mind and body.  Appointment is required.

$55 per 60 min

$85 per 90 min

Foot Reflexology And Body Massage Combination

30 mins Foot Reflexology and 30 mins Body massage

$48 for one session