NEW PRICE $48 for One FULL hour massage (Hot Stone included). $95 for Couples massage

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Massage Services


Traditional Oriental Therapeutic Massage

It focuses on the channels and energy points transporting throughout the body. It provides pain relief from the neck, shoulder (IE: frozen shoulder) and back (IE: lower back pain). Multiple sessions are recommended to facilitate the pain relief process. 

$30 per 30 min

Prenatal Massage

The Prenatal Massage focuses on helping future mothers accommodate to their specific needs as they go through pregnancy. It helps ease the stress on muscles and joints, while also improving circulation. It can help relieve fatigue as well.

$55 per 60 min

Reflexology (Hand, Foot and Ear)

Reflexology applies pressure to reflux points on the hand, foot and Ear that are connected to specific organs, glands, etc., and help to relieve those certain areas of tension.

$30 per 30 min

$48 per 60 min

Eye Massage

With acupressure technique and gentle compression, massaging the area around the eye helps reducing the stress the eye sockets, increasing oxygen to the eyes and brain and stimulating the blood flow to the capillaries, skin and muscles in the areas around the eyes. 


- Improving vision naturally

- Relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and daily eye fatigue.

- helping to drain excess fluids, reduce sagging areas in the area around the eyes

$30 per 30 min